Innovative Company

Innovative Company


Established in 2006, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing, designing,and manufacturing biometric smart terminal, smart card identification devices, electronic voting machines, POS terminals, OMR scanner etc.

EKEMP is professional on research and development the bar code technical, wireless RFID technical, electronics payment, industrial mobile data collection terminal, applicated terminal collection together real-time message with enterprise backstage system, business processing, lottery system, logistics and supply-chain management system, public bicycle hiring system in all.

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Core Value

Your Reliable Partner in Secure Identity Technology!

Vision & Mission

EKEMP is committed to bring more and more people just rights and benefits through the continuous innovation of security identification technology, so as to promote world peace and progress.

Social Responsibility

Recognizing how important socially responsible efforts are to their customers, employees and stakeholders, EKEMP now focus on a few broad CSR categories:
  • Environmental efforts

    One primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses, regardless of size, have large carbon footprints. Any steps they can take to reduce those footprints are considered good for both the company and society.

  • Philanthropy

    Businesses can practice social responsibility by donating money, products or services to social causes and nonprofits. Larger companies tend to have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.

  • Volunteering

    Attending volunteer events says a lot about a company's sincerity. By doing good deeds without expecting anything in return, companies can express their concern for specific issues and commitment to certain organizations.

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