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National ID
Biometric Smart Terminal H5

It is not easy to keep accurate national identity records, especially for countries with large populations. On the one hand, the government is constantly facing potential cyber attacks, on the other hand, it needs to keep up-to-date and correct national ID records for projects such as electoral votes and different government welfare plans.

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Detailed Introduction
  • Various Data Transfer Methods 3G, Wifi
  • Multiple Software and Hardware Encryption Methods
  • Voter Card reader Supporting high security voter card reading.
  • Long Lasting Battery provides more than 12 hours mixture usage working condition.
  • High quality FBI certified fingerprint scanner ensuring ultra secure verification process.
  • Support offline solution, multiple backup methods.

As a provider of security customized ID solutions, EKEMP can help governments improve security and deploy electronic applications to provide better public services and reduce management costs.

EKEMP provides the capture of biometric data with country specific information. Relevant biometric data obtained from fingerprint and iris, digital photo or signature can be captured and stored. If the database is already registered, the scanned biometric data will match the database. Check the identity of the applicant and compare it with the blacklist and copy.

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