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National ID Card System 
Biometrics for identification and authentication, Ensure the safety of national population registration.

It is not easy to keep accurate national identity records, especially for countries with large populations. On the one hand, the government is constantly facing potential cyber attacks, on the other hand, it needs to keep up-to-date and correct national ID records for projects such as electoral votes and different government welfare plans.

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National ID Solution
At present, the national identification card program has been launched in many countries in the world. National ID cards are not only used to obtain government services, but can also be used as driver ’s licenses, ATM cards, contactless payment cards, frequent flyer cards, and health documents containing basic medical information.

EKEMP ’s AFIS system for national ID systems ensures fast and accurate results and provides timely and proactive services, It also provides information security by using the following specifics:

    ● Registration
    EKEMP National ID Card System provides demographic and biometric data capture.
    ● Approval/Data Check
    Scanned biometric data will be matched against a database, check and compare with blacklists, and duplicates.
    ● Personalization
    After the application, data passes an approval process - it is transferred to the personalization database.

Biometrics Data Capture
  • Demographic Details (name, father's name, mother's name, gender, date of birth, etc.)
  • Flat or Rolled 10 Fingerprint Image Capture
  • High Quality Dual Iris Capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Facial Capture
  • Digital Photo
Matching & Database Handling
  • ANSI/SEC/ISO/FBI/NIST/MINEX certified AFIS matching system

  • Rapid installation and can run in any windows operating systems

  • Proven in national-scale projects, including law enforcement, voter registration and national ID, driving license

  • Multiple matching server supports speeds up the matching process for any scale of database to adopt

  • System compatible with handheld or portable devices (Armadillo) upon API integration

  • Easily converted and merged with the EKEMP AFIS system which includes facial recognition and iris recognition

  • Adaptive image filtration algorithm eliminates noises, ridge ruptures and stuck ridges, and extract minutiae reliably even from poor quality fingerprints, with processing time of less than 1 second

  • 1:N matching system in standard M2SYS AFIS server with proven millions per second matching speed – Speed can be accelerated with the M2SYS proven matching server clustering system

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